NASCAR gives teams option tires for the next season

NASCAR has decided to add a new different compound for next season, one has the yellow logo and the new one would be awith the green logo on tire side. .

Despite this complete allowance next year, NASCAR has announced that this new compound will be used as test during the next All Star Race in Charlotte this year between 19th and 20th of May, previous event of the outstanding Coca Cola 600 at the same track.

Tire choice is essential for race strategy, and NASCAR has probably haven’t used it perfectly to create an optimal racing atmosphere. Adding a different compund to these races obviously means more fun and more battle for track positions among NASCAR drivers.

NASCAR drivers have now the option to use the normal compound (Yellow logo) and existing tires used in these recent past season, and a softer compound which performance will be higher in the  first laps it will be used for a short stints like in the last ten laps of the race following a restart.

The All Star Race is split into 4 segments this year, three of 20 laps and the last one of 10 laps, which make the green compund a better effort during this shot stints, but only the 10 cars with the best average finish in the previous three stages  will be lined up to win the race, but put the green one at last minute they will start at the back of the field.

The All Star Race has always brought new formats and ideas almost every year, and this time should be more excited than previous years.




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